Whalesong (EP)


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released July 15, 2012




SHE WAS THE UNIVERSE Нижний Новгород, Russian Federation

SWTU was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

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Track Name: Whalesong
Gone deep
It's not late and not at time.
Confused by the moment of foreign triumph
They calculated our insanity.
How to pronounce their prayers
If we didn't try at all?
If they descend far beyond?
Solvent and simple the figures founder them down
Ocean stream wraps around their cold shapes,
If these are the embrace that they suffer for
The weight of their own resistant, following step by step in each of their lives,
Becomes the act of condolence to our recklessness.
In their hearts all of our mistakes,
This is a poison that weakens their veins.
Going down they sing their songs
Having some reasons forgiven us
Track Name: Progeny Of Panthalassa
Lowered into the ocean
Awaiting the soul detersion.
Motionless by cold
Youthless by persetion of time.
I'm getting older every day...
Drawing horizons of mind,
Trying to add colours inside these shapes and lines
Still powered by continental remains
I consume the evening glow.
Solid and solvent essence
I'm watching the gentle light from above.
I see there is no heaven.
There is no hell below us.
Ages are shortest events
In premature universe of glass.
Serenity is total
Beyond all human apprehension.
Firmness of sphere
Is emptied from all human motion.
I drowse in some lirical coma
Sinсe Pantalassa's transformation.
Gathering light streams around me
Will show me my last iteration...
Track Name: The Amber Road
Walking through the empty air
Reveal what wasn’t there
Is it as it seems?
No… Just dream within a dream

There was a place
Where people embraced the sky
It summoned them to descend
Into the shining light…

… to rebirth… to relapse…

From hours to weeks
All days were disappeared
From weeks to months, from months to years
Then sunrise broke the cloaks and fears

Another moon and barren lands
The seas of the sun and sand
The misty ghosts of childhood’s fears
Strong breeze and cold light of a day

The Bronze Age culture meets
It’s second renaissance
With it’s treasures in a different range of colors –
Natural organic beauty since Neolithic times

There is only one path left
To take amber across the hills
The sacred road repeats it’s shape
Time… Fate… It’s all the same