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xavii A very well executed album! Full of heavy intricacies, serious lyrical content and a consistent vibe throughout the entirety of the album. If you're looking for a fresh air of heaviness look no further!!! Favorite track: Oceans Are Me.
Dann 'the djentle giant'
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Dann 'the djentle giant' This album is heavy like tons of bricks. Heavy, but full of subtlelty at times. For sure the musical milieu will talk about them for the times to come. They are solid like the Colossus of Rhodes! They stand like gods over the Aegian sea with their blend of prog, death metal and djent-like basslines. Long live SWTU! Favorite track: Three Of Eleven.
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All songs written and performed by She Was The Universe band

Produced and mixed by She Was The Universe band

Mastering by New Alliance East

Vocals recorded by Alexey Basirov in Correct Sound Studio (correctsound.com)

Reamping by Gregory Tomao in Tomato Farm Studio (www.thetomatofarmstudio.com)

Artwork and Layout by Nikita Kaun (sunturnsintowater.tumblr.com)

Guest vocals in 2. 'Progeny of Panthalassa' by Max Sit from Neverending War band (vk.com/neverendingwar)

Special Thanks to:
Our sweethearts and families; 13th and Delicious Music; Ivan Rakov and New Chapter Promotion; George Expiated; Sergey Kuzin; David Lorn; Alexey Kutuzov; Sergey Ryabinichev; Alexey Vlasov; Fedor Chrestin; Vlad Zacharov; Dmitriy Borodin; deLuther; NSb;Denis Rekun; Lexa Lexa; Anton Schepliagin; Sergey Chramov; Ordinate (January's Dress) band; Neverending War band; Too Far East is West band; Rocket Lab band; And all the people who help and support us!


released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


SHE WAS THE UNIVERSE Нижний Новгород, Russian Federation

SWTU was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

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Track Name: Three Of Eleven
You can see only three of eleven dimensions,
But don't be disappointed.
Stratospheric spirits surround the planet -
It's only waiting to be found beyond mind.

You ruin yourself with every wave
Collecting oceans drop by drop.
The empty space that is possessed by theories
Should be turned into the scientific ties.

Kaleidoscope of shapes as echo of the universe
Continues the progression in spiral architecture.
In the initial notion you are wondering how
Star gardens blossom in their solitude.

The world is hunger for the logic.
Everything is never enough...
Elderly ones are really not wise
Cause they are only smart and careful.

Religion is to blame for all delusion.
Isn't the Moon exists only because the mice watching it?
Knowledge of nature is the drama of ideas.
Anyhow only genius dominates the chaos.
Track Name: Progeny Of Panthalassa (feat. Max Sit)
Lowered into the ocean
Awaiting the soul detersion.
Motionless by cold
Youthless by persetion of time.
I'm getting older every day...
Drawing horizons of mind,
Trying to add colours inside these shapes and lines
Still powered by continental remains
I consume the evening glow.
Solid and solvent essence
I'm watching the gentle light from above.
I see there is no heaven.
There is no hell below us.
Ages are shortest events
In premature universe of glass.
Serenity is total
Beyond all human apprehension.
Firmness of sphere
Is emptied from all human motion.
I drowse in some lirical coma
Sinсe Pantalassa's transformation.
Gathering light streams around me
Will show me my last iteration...
Track Name: The Universe Is Unfolding
We cannot place the sun in center of the Universe -
For too fast now we are moving away from it.
It holds another meaning in passage of shifting seasons
Beyond illusions of importance as the universe balance.

The unfolding ocean of components
Generates perfect layers of dimensions.
From nothing to reality
Through timeless aeons of the frost.

In the eternal journey through the space
Infinite worlds have been created.
Meanwhile planets impale the galaxies
We have to understand what can't we see.

Every creation needs an architect.
Every complex theory needs an evidence.
It unfolds...
It lives a thousand lifetimes...
Track Name: Bloop
The sound of the waves is eternal and permanent.
The ocean was free right along and everywhere.
It could have been poured by poison and marked by borders,
However it lived and did not bear a grudge.

We always destroy the matter we explore -
The sense falls a sacrifice to most of sciences.
We must believe in something at least
To be able to find if we have grown up

Civilization is bounded by shores
Even if horizon looks flat from there.
Outside mankind becomes a part of food chain,
Herewith don't have to stay on its top.

The endless waters seems to be inanimate.
But it is full of monstrous lifeforms,
Who in this world we would never comprehend
Until we will sink down upon the bottom.
Track Name: Oceans Are Me
I'm so afraid to stay forever alone telling this story...
Here from the sun mountain's view time stands exact.
And I am here just to watch you go away
As the snow falls through the static air.
So alone, we set out to find another life.
I can't remember the last thing I said to you...
And as we mapped this universe, all that we seen was only ocean of emptiness.
Are we moved forward?
The expedition shown our minds true colors -
No message of hope for those who choose to see it...
Breathing by white noise, just before lines were lines,
I sensed no second rise, to pull the sunset from your eyes.
Just before time was time perfection allowed existence
To stay correct until appearance of the light.
Guided by steps of progress I was confused
That stars can't be seen unless the sky fades.
No waking up in Wonderland...
And I was running just to see them
But I just found the night is crushing all...
So maddened in my selfish quest I lost you
Left in my oceans of despair.
These oceans are me...
Track Name: Aquarium Experiment
Track Name: Mother Tree
What if I'll rush myself into the ocean?
There is no comfort in idea of eternal life for me.
Would the water full of life accept me?
For too long there were secrets within it.
Somehow by a miracle
I expect to contemplate some colors in the order of elements...
To understand how it choose to suspend the laws of nature.
What if I'll follow the Great Whale?
Will it lead me to the Promised Land?
Will it take me to the temple of the evening sun
Where I can stand up for what I have become?
...Where I can sleep in shadow of the Mother Tree.
It's all a dream...
... Somehow
Track Name: And Everything After
Every creation is a piece of its creator.
And every piece has its own story.

The air is full of sea
Behind the coral gate of harbor.
Fallen leaves upon this place
Are the map of green continents.

Near sits a part of my twin moon.
The voice of ages disturbs her mind.
She is counting months -
Six white ones, six cold ones.

The winter’s edge is where she waits
Her hopes are high in certain circles
But she was stuck not crossing over
Captured from mirror waters

I cultivate within the tired man
To unite again as one.
Harvesting existence
With every rising sun.

Caught into the April surrendered to snow
I see faces frozen still against the wind.
Without access to the present
I'll keep our vacant monuments in time.

However, spirit will transcend.
The sacred drink withdraws oblivion.
A couple or a several mistakes
Are one part of the same tree.

I never went outside, as far as I recall.
Old age is what squeezes out my tears.
Onto the soil where seeds were spilled
I favored few which stood strong in the wind.

Every creation is a piece of its creator.
And every piece has its own story.
Track Name: Commercial Smash
I place your sun in center of my universe.
A part of my twin moon,
You are the ocean that unfolds.
Track Name: The Amber Road
Walking through the empty air
Reveal what wasn’t there
Is it as it seems?
No… Just dream within a dream

There was a place
Where people embraced the sky
It summoned them to descend
Into the shining light…

… to rebirth… to relapse…

From hours to weeks
All days were disappeared
From weeks to months, from months to years
Then sunrise broke the cloaks and fears

Another moon and barren lands
The seas of the sun and sand
The misty ghosts of childhood’s fears
Strong breeze and cold light of a day

The Bronze Age culture meets
Its second renaissance
With its treasures in a different range of colors

There is only one path left
To take amber across the hills
The sacred road repeats its shape
Time… Fate… It’s all the same
Track Name: Tidal Flats